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YES Bank Reserv Credit Card

YES Bank Reserv credit card is a revamped version of ‘First Exclusive’ card, not only in name but in features and benefits also. YES Reserv credit card comes with accelerated reward points, purchase protection coverage, complimentary domestic & international airport lounge access etc benefits to name a few. The existing customers will get the new/revamped card upon renewal whereas the new customers will get the new YES Reserv credit card only.

The card carries a joining/annual fee of Rs 1,999 but offers plenty of benefits that more than make up for it. Read this review of YES Bank Reserv credit card to weigh fees against benefits and see if it suits your needs.

YES Bank Reserv credit card

YES Bank Reserv Credit Card at a glance

Card CategoryRewards, Travel, Lifestyle
Joining FeeRs 1,999 + Taxes (waived off on spending Rs 40,000 within first 30 days)
Annual FeeRs 1,999 + Taxes (waived off on spending Rs 3 lakh within a year)
Welcome OfferGet a FREE Amazon voucher worth ₹500* on spending ₹1000 within first 30 days.
Best Features– 3% reward rate on online spends, 1.5% on offline spends and 0.75% in select categories
– 3 domestic airport lounge access per quarter & 6 international lounge visits per year
– 1.75% forex mark-up
– 2.99% monthly interest rate on revolving credit
– Purchase protection through insurance cover against accidental damage and zero lost card liability cover

Details from YES Bank

  • SPECIAL OFFER when you apply online: Get a free Amazon voucher worth Rs 500 on spending Rs 1,000 within the first 30 days.
  • Earn accelerated rewards on online shopping – 24 YES Rewards Points for every Rs 200 spent, 12 points for every Rs 200 spent on offline spends and 6 points for every Rs 200 spent on selected categories.
  • Waive off joining fee on spending Rs 40,000 within first 30 days and annual fee on spending Rs 3 lakh yearly.
  • Get up to 1.75% markup on foreign currency transactions.
  • Enjoy 3 domestic lounge visits per quarter and 6 international lounge access visits per year.
  • Enjoy attractive offers- minimum 15% discount on dining, complimentary golf program, 1% fuel surcharge waiver, 25% discount on BookMyShow movie tickets and much more with Reserv Credit Card.
  • Get insurance coverage- Credit Shield cover of Rs 15 lakh, Lost Card liability Rs 15 lakh to Rs 30 lakh.
  • Terms and conditions apply.

YES Bank Reserv credit card fees and charges

  • Joining Fee: Rs 1,999 + Taxes (waived off on Rs 40,000 spent within first 30 days)
  • Annual Fee: Rs 1,999 + Taxes (waived off on annual spend of Rs 3 lakh). Get 8000 bonus reward points on renewal fee payment if spend-based waiver criteria is not met.
  • Finance Charges: 2.99% per month (35.88% annually) on Revolving Credit.
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: 1.75% of the transaction value.
  • Cash Advance Fee: 2.5% (minimum Rs 300).
  • Reward Redemption Fee: Rs 100 per request.
  • Over Limit Penalty: 2.5% of the overlimit amount or Rs 500 (whichever is higher)
  • Rent Transaction Fee: Minimum 1% of the transaction value.
  • Add-on Card fee: Nil

Note: GST as applicable on fees and charges. See full details here at YES Bank’s website.

YES Bank Reserv Credit Card Benefits and Features

The newly revamped Reserv card offers plenty of benefits in every area- be it online shopping or travel. Explore in-depth below.

Welcome Offer worth Rs 500

You get a free Amazon voucher worth Rs 500 when you spend Rs 1,000 within the first 30 days of card generation.

Spend-based Fee Waiver

  • Joining fee waiver– The joining fee is Rs 1,999 + taxes, but that can be waived off if your spend within the first 30 days is Rs 40,000 or more.
  • Annual fee waiver– The annual fee is Rs 1,999 + taxes but can be waived off on annual retail spends of Rs 3 lakh or more. In case you fail to meet the spend-based annual fee waiver criteria, you get 8,000 reward points as bonus on payment of renewal fee. The 8,000 reward points are worth anywhere between Rs 800 to Rs 2,000 depending on the redemption category.

Being a premium level card, the welcome bonus is a weak one but the spend-based waiver is a relief.

Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

  • Domestic – YES Bank Reserv primary cardmembers get up to 3 complimentary lounge visits per calendar quarter
  • International– 6 complimentary international (outside India) airport lounge visits per calendar year for primary Cardmember.

Unlike YES Marquee credit card, the complimentary lounge access is not extended to add-on cardholders. But at least there is no spend-based criteria to meet to avail the complimentary lounge benefits as most Banks are starting to do.


  • The international lounge access used to be unlimited under the complimentary Priority Pass membership but the Bank’s website doesn’t show that anymore, only 6 visits per year.
  • The lounge access program is offered through Priority Pass for cards issued on Mastercard and Loungekey for VISA cardholders.
  • The complimentary lounge access is for primary cardmember only, not for add-on members.

YES Reserv credit card airport lounge access visits limit is only below the YES Marquee and super premium ‘Private’ cards even after being revised. The Bank has made few changes to its credit card lounge access program.

Complimentary Golf Program

The cardholders get 4 green fee waiver per year and 1 complimentary golf lesson per year at select golf courses in India under MasterCardWorld golf program.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Get 1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions valued between Rs 400 to Rs 5,000 across all fuel pumps in India. The monthly capping is Rs 1,000.

Insurance Coverage

  • Insurance cover of up to Rs 50,000 against accidental damage for 6 months for mobile & electronic purchased online
  • Credit Shield cover of Rs 15 lakh
  • Lost Card liability cover of Rs 15 lakh to Rs 30 lakh

Dining Offer

You can avail a minimum discount of 15% when you dine at select partner restaurants. Sometimes the discount can be availed up to 25% depending on the partner restaurants offers.

BookMyShow Offer

Get 25% discount up to Rs 250 per month on movie tickets booked through BookMyShow.

EMIs and Quick Loan

  • You can covert your transactions of over Rs 1,500 into EMIs.
  • Get a loan amount within the card limit.

YES Bank Reserv Credit Card Reward Structure

The YES Bank has revamped the rewards program for its Reserv credit card as it revamped the name. Here is the new reward structure:

  • Accelerated rewards on online spends – 24 rewards points for every Rs 200 spent.
  • Rewards on offline spends– 12 reward points for every Rs 200 spent.
  • Rewards on Select Categories– 6 reward points for every Rs 200 spent.
  • The select categories are- Transportation, Taxi services, Buses, utilities, grocery, insurance, education, government services, tolls and convenience stores.
  • No reward points are earned on fuel, cash advances and EMI transactions.
  • Maximum monthly capping of 36,000 reward points per statement cycle.

To sum it up, YES Bank Reserv credit card offers 3% reward rate on online shopping, 1.5% on offline spends and 0.75% on spending in select categories.

Reward Points Value

The value of 1 reward point is Rs 0.25 (25 paisa) on flight & hotels, 10 paisa for gifts & vouchers, and 10 paisa for converting to InterMiles & Club Vistara points. Further, the value of 1 reward point is 10 paisa for statement credit, 0.05 to 0.10 paisa for product purchases through catalog, 0.15 paisa for charity, and so on. The value differs for each category.

Rewards Redemption:

  • The YES Rewards Points can be redeemed for purchases against various products and vouchers for flights & hotels, gifts, Air Miles (Club Vistara & InterMiles) and rewards catalog.
  • Check YES Bank Rewards portal for the rewards value and catalog.

YES Bank Reserv credit card comparison with YES ELITE and YES Marquee cards

YES Bank has two other credit cards in the premium category – Marquee and ELITE now that the First Preferred is discontinued. Among these, Marquee has the best benefits and rewards but also the highest fees where Reserv provides best value with reasonable fees and good rewards and benefits.

CardYES Bank Reserv Credit Card YES Bank Marquee CardYES Bank ELITE (Premia) credit card
Joining FeeRs 1,999Rs 9,999Rs 999
Joining Fee WaiverSpend Rs 40,000 within 30 days to get joining fee waived.No joining fee waiver. But you get 60,000 reward points worth Rs 6,000 to Rs 15,000, essentially a compensation for joining fee.Waived on spending Rs 20,000 within first 30 days
Annual FeeRs 1,999Rs 4,999Rs 999
Annual Fee WaiverSpend Rs 3 lakh in a year to get annual fee waived off.Spend Rs 10 lakh in a year for annual fee waiverWaived on spending Rs 2 lakh in a year
Reward– 24 RP on online spends
– 12 RP on offline spends
– 6 RP on select categories
– 36 RP on online spends
– 18 RP on offline spends
– 10 RP on select categories
– 12 RP on online spends
– 6 RP on offline spends
– 4 RP on select categories
Complimentary Airport Lounge AccessDomestic- 3 per quarter
International- 6 per year
Domestic – 6 per quarter
International- Unlimited
Domestic- 2 per quarter
International- 3 per year
Read full reviewRead full review

Should You Get YES Bank Reserv Credit Card?

In short, yes, if you can get the approval.

For long, YES Bank First Exclusive (now Reserv) credit card has been compared to HDFC INFINIA. When it was launched, YES First Exclusive beat INFINIA with a better offerings on reward rate and lounge access but its not the same anymore as the YES Bank went through tough times in recent years. YES Bank Reserv used to be among the best premium credit cards in the country. Let’s hope it regains some of that stature as the YES Bank revamps its features 18th December, 2023. Even though the Bank says the features, fees and charges will remain unchanged, we expect some changes in the features, benefits and perks. We’ll review this in further details once updated details are available.

But that being said, the YES Bank Reserv credit card is already a great offering and if you can get it, do so and apply online to get the welcome benefit. The eligibility criteria is on the higher side but it’s not like INFINIA which is invite-only.

How to Apply For YES Bank Reserv Credit Card?

YES Bank accepts both- online and offline applications for the YES Reserv credit card. You can apply online through the YES Bank’s website to avail the welcome offer worth Rs 500.


  • Between 21-60 years of age
  • Salaried or self employed
  • Minimum Net Salary of Rs 2 lakh per month or annual ITR of Rs 18 lakh and above.
  • An excellent credit score is recommended to improve approval odds.

More credit cards from YES Bank

  • YES Select credit card: Entry-level card with Rs 399 joining & annual fees, 2-8X reward points with lounge access and insurance coverage.
  • YES Ace credit card: Entry-level card with Rs 399 joining & annual fees, and 2-8X rewards.
  • YES BYOC credit card: a customizable card with fees starting at Rs 588 per year, option to choose cashback or rewards with much more.

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